Job Manual for U.S. Amazon Export Business Manager

1.Research and analysis of best-selling products

1.1 Research

  1. Research best-selling products on U.S. Amazon, considering product categories, best-seller rankings, and the number of reviews.
  2. Compare with competitor product lists and evaluate competition.
  3. Track trends of best-selling products and create regular reports.

1.2 Analysis

    1. Analyze product sales data, inventory information, price fluctuations, etc.
    2. Consider external factors that may affect sales performance, such as seasonality and competitor activities.

Share analysis results with the team and use them for the next strategic initiatives.

2.Planning and execution of strategic initiatives aimed at maximizing sales and profits

2.1 Planning

  1. Plan strategies such as product pricing, promotions, and advertising campaigns to maximize sales and profits.
  2. Goal Setting: Clearly define expected sales, profits, and other KPIs.
  3. Present plans to supervisors and teams and incorporate feedback.

2.2 Execution

      1. Start executing the planned strategies.
      2. Monitor performance regularly during execution and make necessary adjustments.

3.Responsibility for budget achievement

3.1 Budget Management

        1. Understand the budget creation and approval process.
        2. Regularly compare the budget and actual expenses, and take measures to avoid budget overrun.
        3. If a budget change is necessary, obtain appropriate approval.

4.Basic PC operation skills, reading and writing in English and Japanese, conversation skills

4.1 PC Operation Skills

  1. Get used to using basic office software such as email, spreadsheets, presentation software, etc.
  2. Have a thorough understanding of the U.S. Amazon interface.

4.2 Language Skills

    1. Communicate in basic English and Japanese.
    2. Get used to using in a business environment, such as written communication, meetings, presentations, etc.