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Message from President

Shunya Kagawa

We always have doubts that there is a restriction on travel and immigration depending on their country of origin.
We should not have a restriction on depending on where we were born,
and we suppose to have “all human beings are made equal” by connecting and welcoming people from all over the world.
Our main purpose of this business is to give the world message ” FAIR World”
We will start making our world to be FAIR from our motherland Japan.
We want to welcome people to Japan without any restrictions.

We are going to make our world to be “FAIR”.

Mission Statement

  1. Provide excellent quality services
  2. Show positivity in facing new challenges
  3. Deliver the best and fastest options satisfactorily
  4. Continually improve to maintain our standards
  5. Function in a free environment to value the utmost priorities

About us

Company Name: FAIR Inc.
Address: #807, 7-7-26, Nishishinjyuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 3-4560-1047  FAX:03-4560-1048
CEO: Kagawa Shunya
Our Services: School Counselling、School Application、Domestic Supporting