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It is very hard to do your grocery especially when social distancing is at implementation and maybe you are thinking if online grocery shopping in Japan is available. Pizza delivery is known nowadays, so isn’t it also nice if you can shop for groceries online? Yes, you can do online grocery shopping in Japan.

Amidst this pandemic, this post will tackle (1)the reasons behind Japan’s embracing online grocery shopping, (2)the 10 best online grocery stores in Japan, and (3) your other produce shops option. So, keep on reading.

Why Online Grocery Shopping in Japan?

  • Novel Coronavirus hit. Physical shoppers are being limited since protocols are being implemented. For this reason, all must follow the physical distancing, must wear masks, and must follow other precautions to avoid viral infection.
  • Produce still at its best. Shop managers assured everyone to meet the Japanese standard in shopping even online. From vegetables to meats, everything must be fresh which is one of the things a shopper(either physical or online) always considers.
  • Working people have their time squeezed. Most couples in Japan want to spend less time shopping because of their working time conflicts. Most homes have at least 2 persons, so it is better to order products online and be delivered in front of their doors. This is also applicable to foreigners working in Japan
  • Physical shoppers emptying store shelves. Panic buying may result in shortages. However, products from farms can still satisfy the demand of consumers. By online grocery shopping, anyone can order in advance without having to worry about food and supply shortages.
  • Physical shopping is a hassle. In this worrisome-pandemic, dealing with registers, standing online and the face-to-face transaction really hassles. Online grocery shopping is really the best option today.
  • Added collectible points. Some online grocery shops offer points that can be used within that online shop. 
  • Same Day Order, Same Day Delivery. This is a very useful function indeed. You don’t need to wait for a number of days for your ordered products to arrive. 

Now, what are the best online supermarkets with the top respondents in 2020? You can shop online from the shops below. Their online sites and app links are also provided below.

10 Leading Online Grocery Stores in Japan

1. Rakuten Seiyu

Topping the list with 11.2% of respondents, Rakuten Seiyu offers “daily low price” online, delivery with the shortest day, no admission fee, free shipping on orders when a certain amount is reached and points to accumulate

You can buy any assortments and categories such as vegetables, fruits, meat, ham, sausage, eggs, milk, dairy, frozen foods, ice, rice, and Seiyu Original products.

Rakuten Seiyu | FAIR Inc

The online shop features a category search to suit shoppers. Unfortunately, there is no mobile app for Rakuten Seiyu at the moment.

Rakuten Seiyu Link:

2. Aeon

The biggest grocery chain in Japan, Aeon also enters the online shopping galore. You can get coupons from Aeon. 10.5% of respondents are getting benefits such as this.

What makes this wonderful is that you can pay through Alipay and WeChatPay. Also, Aeon is multilingual and tax-free.

Fish Online Grocery Shopping | FAIR Inc

In addition, you can buy cosmetics, medicines, clothing, baby items, and foods from here. Unfortunately, there is no Aeon Grocery App at the moment.

Aeon Official Link:

3. Ito-Yokado

Operating across 20 prefectures in Japan, you can now shop online wherever prefecture you are. You can experience an online option such as requesting a fishmonger to prepare fish.

Pre-cut and pre-seasoned foods and raw items such as vegetables, fruits, and meat products sold under Seven Premium Fresh level are prevalent. Thus, they have 9% of respondents in Japan.

ItoYokado | FAIR Inc

They are open daily at 5 pm.  The shipping fee is ¥330 and plastic bags is ¥2 each. Payment via credit card or cash on delivery. 

Ito-Yokado Link:

App Download Link:

4. Precce

With 6.1 % of respondents and known as Preccenet Super on the internet, Precce offers vegetable set and same-day delivery. You can also search by category. Also, you can change stores from Precce. There is no available mobile app for Precce.

Precce Link:

5. Amazon Fresh

From the amazing Amazon and with 4.4% of respondents, you can basically order almost anything from Amazon Fresh. It provides not only Fresh Foods but also Grain Products, Beverages, Alcohols, Household as well.

Front Door Delivery | FAIR Inc

6. Maruetsu

Maruetsu features set products(raw fish, prawns, and plates of seafood) on their website as cheap as possible. If you don’t want to lose the opportunity, then order as soon as you see the promo sets. 

4.2% of respondents are also enjoying catalog gifts, pet supplies, and gourmet sweets. 

Maruetsu Link: 

App Download Link:

Maruetsu | FAIR Inc

7. Daiei

Daiei with 4.1% of respondents,  also offers coupons for store products lineup. As one of the oldest supermarket chains in Japan, Daiei is proud to sell high-quality side dishes, fresh fruits, sushi, fish, lunch boxes, alcoholic drinks, instant noodles, seasonings, and gift items for any occasion. 

Daie Link: 

App Download Link:

Daiei | FAIR Inc

8. Life

One of the biggest grocery chains in Japan, Life garnered 3.9% of respondents. Not only it offers online shopping, but Life also has its points accumulation, supports mobile payments such as Paypay, and has a mascot called Larapie. 

For more supported mobile payment, visit Mobile Payment Apps in Japan. 

Life Link:

App Download Link:

Life | FAIR Inc

9. Cookpad Mart

Cookpad Mart is regarded as a service that delivers delicious ingredients on the same day. The respondents in Japan is 3.7%. From fresh vegetables to connoisseur-selected raw fishes, everything is easy because you can also order them from your smartphone. 

Cookpad Mart Link: 

App Download Link:

Cookpad Mart | FAIR Inc

10. Tokyu Store

Tokyu Store website is in the Japanese language. But you can use Chrome for an instant translation of the website. Here, you can order the products you need in your kitchen. 2.2% of respondents are using this service. 

They said their app has three conveniences to the user. First, the latest leaflets will be the first one you see. Second, you can have great deals such as cashback. Third, there are group deals such as discount coupons. 

Tokyu Store Link: 

Tokyu App Download Link:

Tokyu Store | FAIR Inc

Where to Shop for Foreign Foods Online in Japan?

Are you craving for international flavors? Here our best pick of online shops wherein you can buy a variety of imported products.

Ambika Online

To satisfy the crave for Indian recipes, Ambika sells a stockpile of vegetarian ingredients such as beans, legumes, spices, chutneys, frozen paneer cheese, chapatis, beers, wines, coconut products, HALAL products, and rice varieties. 

For orders over 8,000 Yen, delivery is free. Please note that when refrigerated or frozen products are ordered at the same time as regular items, deliveries are split and billed accordingly.

Shipping costs on orders under ¥8,000 may vary. You can pay via credit card or cash on delivery. 

Ambika Online Link:

Maya Bazar

Also, an Indian grocery store is located near Meguro station. From any varieties of spices, rice, tea, you can also order online. 

Maya Bazar Link:


HALAL DELI’s website offers a lot of Halal Lunch delivery services. You can choose the language on the website.



Halal Meat Japan specializes in Japanese Wagyu Halal Beef and Halal Japanese Chicken and they ship all over Japan. Plus, you can shop online. 

HALAL Meat Link:


HALAL Said Shop specializes in Halal Food and they also deliver all over Japan. If you are near Shinjuku, you can go there to buy HALAL foods. 

TEL: 092-791-2560

HALAL Said Link:


Kobe HALAL Food specializes in Halal food and like any HALAL stores, they also deliver all over Japan. You can choose from African, Indonesian, Indian, Iranian, Japanese, Pakistani, Tunisian, and Turkish food. If you are at Kobe, you can find their retail store there. 



If you are a French recipe lover, Picard here will satisfy your tastebuds. They are known as a specialist in freshly frozen ingredients such as fruits and vegetables as well as ready-to-eat meals, such as blanquette de veau (veal in white sauce stew) with rice and other time-saving sides and sauces.

From the store’s appetizers, French pastries, and dessert items, Picard will deliver it for you. 

Register for free. Shipping costs vary. You can pay via credit card or cash on delivery. 

Picard Link:

Seijo Ishii

Do you want home delivery of European cheeses, homemade bacon, wagyu steaks, truffle-scented nuts, artisanal teas, and Bordeaux wine? Seijo Ishii is also available. Seijo Ishii is a shop of premium foodstuffs and alcohol from local and abroad. 

Delivery is free if orders are over ¥8,000. Shipping costs of orders under ¥8,000 may vary. Also, you can pay through credit card, cash on delivery, Amazon Pay, or convenience store. 

Seijo Ishii Link:

Packaged Fish | FAIR Inc

Oisix Ra Daichi

Are you a cake and pasta lover?  If you are health conscious and you need foods that are both healthy and nourishing, Oisix Ra Daichi will fill that necessity. Physical stores are in Kanto and Kansai. They specialize in the distribution of organic produce and healthy foods.

They also recommend customers order mixed vegetable boxes instead of single items to avoid worrying about temporarily out of stock. Their delivery service carries the hashtag #StayHome, EatAtHome in this global emergency. 

Shipping costs also vary. You can pay with your credit card or by cash on delivery. 

Oisix Ra Daichi Link:


Costco is very familiar to wholesale retailers. While in the pandemic, you can now order certain goods online. Cakes and Deli’s are also available for preorders. 

Costco Link:

3 Easy Ways to Successful Online Grocery Shopping in Japan

1. Open the website or the provided app. Log in. If you are a new user, register as a new member. In this way, you will render points by shopping. 

2. After logging in, start choosing your desired fresh products. Add to basket. Provide your delivery location. 

3. Pay with a credit card, mobile payment app or you can choose cash on delivery. Please note that you also have to pay for the shipping fee and the plastic bags. Wait for the delivery within a day.

Online Grocery Shopping in Japan | FAIR Inc

In Japan, people are known to be careful shoppers. But because of the pandemic, a new normal must be embraced. 

With the start of the “everything is in online trend”, you can even now shop your groceries online in Japan. There are a lot of online supermarkets to pick.

Moreover, online grocery is very easy. As a result, everything you ordered will be delivered to your front door. 

To summarize, you learned about grocery shopping online. If you also want to buy other things aside from fresh foods, read our article “How to Do Online Shopping in Japan?“. Comment down below if you have any other suggestions about online shopping in Japan.

FAIR Japan provides useful information about Japan. 

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