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Why You Need A Pocket WiFi In Japan? | FAIR Inc

Are you looking for the best pocket wifi in Japan? We listed two of the fastest and reliable pocket wifi Japan you can use.

Rather than spending time to set up your SIM card, the easiest way to have a smooth internet connection is to rent a pocket wifi. Indeed, a wise choice in terms of using two or more gadgets at a time. 

In this article, you will understand the following:

  • What is pocket wifi?
  • Why should you use pocket wifi in Japan?
  • What are the two best pocket wifi in Japan in terms of good internet speed?

What is Pocket Wifi?

Pocket wifi is a portable internet device and smaller compared to the traditional home wifi router. This mobile router transforms 3G, 4G, and 5G connections into a private wifi signal. It works similar to the wifi hotspot of your mobile phone but has longer battery life.

Why Should You Use Pocket Wifi in Japan?

For rent

2 Best Pocket Wifi in Japan

We pick up these two pocket wifi in Japan in terms of fast connection speed and affordability.

  1. Ninja Wifi
  2. Wifi Rental

1. Ninja Wifi

Pocket-Wifi-Japan-(Ninja Wifi)
Source: Wifi Ninja

Like the ninjas, specialists for bringing information fast, Ninja Wifi pocket Japan assures you to provide the fastest internet connection. 

By connecting to the local mobile network, you can enjoy the internet in Japan as usual without incurring costly overseas roaming fees.

Experience internet connection as speedy as a ninja while in Japan with Ninja Wifi. 



The mobile wifi router is compatible with the latest Hybrid 4g LTE, the highest speed class. The internet speed is up to 187.5 Mbps. 

Data Bundle

The good news is that the data bundle is unlimited. There is no limit on the data volume you want to spend. Unlike the other mobile companies, the speed will not slow down whenever you reach your data limit. You can enjoy surfing with comfort.


There are three (3) plans you can choose from. The price differs in the plans. 

  • The Standard Plan (Softbank)

The specs of this plan are the following:

    • The carrier is Softbank.
    • The data limit is unlimited. 
    • The downloading speed and the uploading speed have their max transmission rate.
    • The rental fee is 900 yen (plus tax per day).
  • Softbank 601HW 1GB/Day Plan

These are the plan features:

    • The broadband standard is Softbank 4G LTE and Softbank 4G.
    • The data limit is 1GB per day. If you reach the limit, the device itself will work for texting or SMS. After midnight, the speed will be back on track. 
    • The rental fee is 800 yen plus tax per day. 
  • Handy data Plan

A handy data plan comes with a mini-tablet device that can be used as a connector to the internet and at the same time as a mobile hotspot. This plan comes with many features, such as the following: 

    • The data limit is 5GB per day. 
    • The device supports 15 languages. 
    • It also has a Japan guide that introduces you to every attraction in the country. It has five options in the main menu (Ninja Wifi Link, Wifi Hotspot, Internet, Japan City Guide/Coupons, and the Change Language). 
    • The rental fee is 900 yen plus tax per day.

The devices can share up to 5 persons in your family and friends. The device is connectable to tablets, smartphones, computers, and laptops. 

Other Features

Ninja Wifi offers Medical Support. 

Ninja Wifi offers a secure Guarantee plan. If any malfunctions happen, Ninja Wifi will send a replacement.

2. Wifi Rental

Pocket Wifi Japan (Wifi rental)
Source: Wifi Rental
This service offers an easy online application. The good thing is that you will only need to follow the three-way process to rent a pocket wifi device.  So if you are looking for a wifi router service that offers a straightforward application, Wifi Rental is the best thing for you.


By connecting to the local mobile phone network in Japan, internet access is granted. The fastest internet speed they offer is 300 Mbps. 
Data Bundle
The data bundle is unlimited. 
There are three (3) plans available.
  • Softbank 303ZT Unlimited
    • This plan is the best-seller, the favorite, and the most used.
    • The data bundle is unlimited and has fast transmission at 187.5 MBPS.
    • The rental fee is 5,980 yen a month which means 199.33 yen a day.
  • Softbank Handy 5GB per day
    • This plan is the second best seller even though this is a new product. 
    • This plan offers 5 GB per day as a limit. 
    • This device functions as a tablet and a wifi provider. 
    • The rental fee is 4,980 yen a month which means 166 yen a day. 
  • Softbank E5383 5GB
    • This plan is the third best seller. 
    • The only difference is that it has a limit of 5GB per month, with an internet speed of MAX 300 Mbps. 
    • The rental fee is 2980 a month, which means 99.33 yen a day. 
Quick Set-Up
 It takes seconds to connect the router to the internet. Find the code, enter the password and you are all set.
Easy Pick-Up/Return
You can pick up the device at any international airport in Japan and return it at the departure airport. The device can also be delivered to your address in Japan and return via post.
Flexible Rental Period
There are no long-term contract obligations and cancellation fees.

Pros and Cons of Using Wifi Rentals

Pocket Wifi Rental Pros and cons


  • Big Data Allowances
  • Lightning-fast speeds
  • Can connect up to 10 devices


  • Less Convenient – you need to carry and maintain the device around. You also need to charge it and make sure you don’t misplace it.
  • Pick and Return – this factor can take your time because you need to return it in the right place.

If you plan to travel to Japan, you can avail of these services before the trip. It will be delivered to you or you can pick up the device in your preferred location. Furthermore, you can also use wifi rental services for school field trips.

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