How To Get Internet in Japan: 3 Best Options for Tourist

In modernized technology, the internet is the foremost source of communication and collecting information globally. It is also essential when traveling abroad, which helps you stay connected with people worldwide with the aid of social media and can even do business transactions, and a lot more.
This article will give you information about the internet service provider that is good for tourists in Japan. Since there’s an increase in the number of visitors in the country every year, companies offer different ways to access the internet. The following are the three categories to choose from while or before you travel to Japan.
– Cover a large area of Japan
– Able to share with many people and on multiple devices
– Able to use in large capacity
– Devices and routers have to be carried around in sets
– As they are limited in stock, reservation in advance is necessary

Pocket Wifi Japan (Wifi rental)

Usage charge: 
Connection speed: 
Plan: Fixed-price
Speed limit: 
Supported languages: 
Airport counter: 
Official site: 


  • zero cost
  • Multiple devices or different types of devices can connect


  • Spots often available in large cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto
  • WiFi hotspots require to be registered or certified before connecting.
  • If exceeds the maximum number of users, unable to connect
  • Security issues may occur depending on the location

Japan Connected-free Wifi



TRAVEL JAPAN WiFiでは、 Wi2エリア、BBモバイルポイントエリア、UQ Wi-Fi エリアで使えます

Number of installed spots: More than 200,000
Registration: Necessary (If you register once, you can use it freely)
Initial cost: 0 yen
Supported languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), Korean, Thai
Official site: Travel Japan Wifi
Download URL: iOS version · Android version

Details are summarized in the following articles.
■ It’s available at Tokyo Metro and a convenience store! Free Wi-Fi portal app ‘Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi’

3. Get a Sim Card!


Purchasing with the product is inclusive of call and data communication. For those who wish to use email to communicate rather than those who want to consume hugely on voice communication, this is highly recommended.

    • Free Sim terminal is provided
    • Wide Network coverage in Japan
    • You can choose depending on your choice of data speed, the communication volume, and the usable period.


    • Difficult to set up for first-time users
    • Sim Subscription is limited, once expired cannot be extended
    • Devices do not meet the Japanese communication standard unable to connect.

Charge: 7 days version 2,980 yen (tax-included 3,218 yen), 14 days version 3,500 yen (tax-included 3,780 yen)
Data amount: 100MB / day
Usage: Data communication only
Expiration date: Varies depending on purchased SIM (7 days or 14 days)
Activation: Not required
Supported languages: English, Chinese (Traditional / Simplified)
Purchase method: Tokyo Station, each home appliance mass retailer, etc
Official site:

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