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Are you looking for a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees? American Express is the best one out there. It is tailored to fit your lifestyle and most of all it is perfect to use abroad. Because when you are on vacation, studying abroad or on a business trip, there’s always a chance to spend on tickets, hotels, and travel needs and wants. 

Ensuring your credit card will not overcharge you is very important.

Unlike most credit cards, American Express offers a generous 0% APR during the intro period, usually in the first 15 months.

A big YES to use American Express abroad!

Using a credit card while overseas has also advantages, such as you will be effortlessly purchasing expensive items, more convenient, safer than carrying cash and you can even track your spending records. Moreover, it provides better currency exchange rates than from money exchange counters.

However, if you mismanage your credit card, you may end up in a debt trap without even realizing it. Don’t let this happen to you. Such a thing can be easily avoided, one way is through monitoring the credit card charges. If you’re using a credit card that has a foreign transaction fee, you should avoid using it abroad or better get another one such as Amex.

Speaking of foreign transaction fees, here’s what you need to know:

  • A foreign transaction fee is usually a 3% additional charge from every transaction you made while you’re in the other country.
  • The credit card issuer charges you to process such transactions like converting your money.

Let’s take this example, you spend 1000 JPY at a shopping mall in Japan, you will need to pay an extra of 3% as a foreign transaction fee.

Not all credit cards have foreign transaction fees but mostly have. So, it would be better to select the right credit card like American Express that offers no foreign transaction charges. But wait, there’s more! Check out these several features from Amex.

Amex Features:

  • Bonus points
    • Use of 10,000 yen within 3 months after joining you will get 500 bonus points
    • Use of 250,000 yen within 3 months after joining you will get 2,000 bonus points
    • Use of 500,000 yen within 3 months after joining you will get 10,000 bonus points
    • In total 500,000 yen card use after 3 months and onwards you will get 5,000 bonus points.
  • American Express point program
    • You can earn 1 point * for every ¥ 100 you spent from purchasing good and services.
    • Earned points are transferable to miles and partner points as well as for other payments, and for special items and experiences selected by American Express.

※ A registration fee for participating in this program is required for point transfer of some partner airlines.

※ There are various conditions for point transfer.

  • There will be 12,000 yen annual fee + consumption tax / family card 6,000 yen + consumption tax

If you are living in Japan whether you’re a local or a foreigner, sign up for American Express or Amex online for fast approval. Click the ‘sign up now!‘ button below.

Apply for American Express credit card it guaranteed you no foreign transaction fee. You’ll surely have a stress-free journey abroad.

Learn other types of foreigner-friendly credit cards in Japan in the “3 Best Credit Cards in Japan for Foreigners” article.

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