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In today’s world, having strong and dependable internet is really important. It helps us talk to each other, get work done, and enjoy fun things online. NURO Hikari is a special kind of internet that wants to make sure you have the best experience.

NURO Hikari is different because it’s super fast and always stays connected. They really care about making you happy when you use the internet.

Let’s take a quick look at what makes NURO Hikari special and why you might want to use it for your internet needs.

In this article, we will discuss the following:

What is Fiber-Optic Technology?

Fiber-optic technology is a revolutionary method of transmitting data using thin strands of glass or plastic known as optical fibers. 

These fibers utilize light to carry data signals over long distances at incredible speeds. The process involves converting data into light pulses, which travel through the fiber with minimal signal loss. 

As a result, fiber-optic technology enables data to be transmitted at the speed of light, making it significantly faster and more efficient compared to traditional copper-based transmission methods.

NURO Hikari (Fiber-Optic) | FAIR Inc

Fiber-Optic Internet vs. Traditional Broadband

Fiber-Optic Internet and Traditional Broadband are two different types of internet connections, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s compare them:

1. Speed:

Fiber-Optic Internet: It offers significantly higher speeds compared to traditional broadband. Data is transmitted through light signals, providing faster download and upload speeds, ideal for streaming, gaming, and large file transfers.

Traditional Broadband: While it can provide decent speeds, it generally falls short of the blazing-fast speeds of fiber-optic connections.

2. Reliability:

Fiber-Optic Internet: It is more reliable because fiber cables are less susceptible to interference from electromagnetic signals and weather conditions.

Traditional Broadband: Copper cables used in traditional broadband are more vulnerable to signal degradation, leading to potential slowdowns or interruptions.

3. Bandwidth:

Fiber-Optic Internet: It has higher bandwidth capacity, allowing more data to be transmitted simultaneously. This means multiple users in a household can enjoy high-speed internet without a drop in performance.

Traditional Broadband: It has comparatively lower bandwidth, and as more users share the connection, it might result in reduced speeds for everyone.

4. Distance:

Fiber-Optic Internet: It can maintain consistent speeds over longer distances without significant signal loss, making it suitable for both urban and rural areas.
Traditional Broadband: Speeds might degrade over longer distances from the service provider’s central office, which can affect users at the edges of the coverage area.

5. Upgrading and Future-Proofing:

Fiber-Optic Internet: It is considered more future-proof since the fiber infrastructure can support higher data demands as technology advances.

Traditional Broadband: Upgrading traditional broadband to match fiber-optic speeds might require substantial infrastructure changes.

6. Cost:

Fiber-Optic Internet: It tends to be more expensive than traditional broadband, primarily due to the higher initial installation costs.

Traditional Broadband: It is usually more affordable, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious users.

7. Availability:

Fiber-Optic Internet: While it is becoming more widely available, it might not yet be accessible in all areas, especially remote locations.

Traditional Broadband: It is generally more readily available and covers a broader geographic range.

Therefore, Fiber-Optic Internet excels in terms of speed, reliability, and future-proofing capabilities, making it ideal for users who demand top-notch performance.

Traditional Broadband, on the other hand, is often more budget-friendly and widely available, making it a practical choice for users in areas where fiber-optic infrastructure is limited.

The choice between the two ultimately depends on individual needs, budget, and the availability of services in a particular location.

Why Choose NURO Hikari As Your Fiber-Optic Internet Provider

NURO HIKARI Fiber-Optic Internet is a fantastic choice for several reasons. Here’s why you should consider it:

  1. High-Speed Connectivity: NURO HIKARI offers blazing-fast internet speeds, making your online experience smooth and seamless. Whether you’re streaming movies, playing games, or working from home, you’ll enjoy a reliable and speedy connection.

  2. Fiber-Optic Technology: Unlike traditional copper cable internet, NURO HIKARI uses advanced fiber-optic technology. This means data is transmitted using light signals, resulting in higher bandwidth and more consistent performance.

  3. Stability and Reliability: Fiber-optic internet is known for its stability and reliability. You can say goodbye to annoying lags and buffering, as NURO HIKARI ensures a dependable connection even during peak hours.

  4. Future-Proof Technology: With fiber-optic infrastructure, NURO HIKARI is prepared for the future of internet demands. It can handle increasing data needs as technology continues to evolve.

  5. Easy Installation & Activation: Though the installation might take a few weeks, once it’s up and running, you’ll have a top-notch internet service at your disposal. Patience pays off, and NURO HIKARI’s performance will make it worthwhile.

  6. Security: NURO HIKARI takes your online security seriously, providing a safe and encrypted connection to protect your personal information and data.

  7. Competitive Pricing: While providing exceptional performance, NURO HIKARI remains competitively priced compared to other fiber-optic internet services in Japan.

  8. Choice of Providers: NURO HIKARI offers the flexibility to choose from various service providers, each with their unique benefits and packages to cater to your specific needs

Different NURO Hikari Package Plans at Reasonable Prices

NURO Hikari (Package Plan) | FAIR Inc

Nuro Hikari offers high-quality internet services at reasonable prices, providing customers with the flexibility to choose between different plans.

You can opt for either the 2 Gbps or 10 Gbps plan, both designed to cater to the needs of the whole family. Whether it’s:

  • online gaming,
  • streaming dramas,
  • or using multiple devices simultaneously,

you can enjoy a comfortable and seamless internet experience without any delays.

Type of Plan:2 Giga Plan (3-year contract)2 Giga Plan (2-year contract)2 Giga Plan (no contract period)
Basic Monthly Fee:5,200 yen5,700 yen6,100 yen
2 Months Free Benefit:Enjoy up to 2 months at 0 yen! (*3)Enjoy up to 2 months at 0 yen! (*3) 
Basic Construction Cost:Virtually free with application benefits! (※Four)Virtually free with the application privilege! (※Four)44,000 yen (24 payments)
Opening Month:1,230 yen1,841 yen1,841 yen
Months 2 to 36:1,222 yen/month1,833 yen/month1,833 yen/month
Total for 36 Payments:44,000 yen
“Monthly fee 3,590 yen for 2 years” – Details available for this privilege
Contract Handling Fee:0 yen with up to 2 months free benefits! (*3)0 yen with up to 2 months free benefits! (*3)3,300 yen
Wi-Fi Router (ONU):Provided free of chargeProvided free of chargeProvided free of charge
Security Service:550 yen per monthProvided free of chargeProvided free of charge
Continuous Contract Period:3 years2 yearsNone
Cancellation Fee:Free with application privilege! (※Five)Free with application privilege! (※Five)None

To apply for the 2 Gbps (no contract period) plan, customers can follow the application process provided. Take advantage of the two-month free trial and understand the details regarding the virtually free basic construction cost (*4). Embrace the unmatched speed and convenience offered by Nuro Hikari, and elevate your online experience to new heights!

The Easy Application Process

NURO Hikari provides a straightforward application procedure, allowing applicants to conveniently apply through either online submission or by phone. 

Here is an overview of the application process:

Before applying, please ensure you have selected the appropriate payment method for NURO Hikari 2GB or NURO Hikari 10 Giga plans.

The available payment methods include:

  • credit card,
  • NTT Billing,
  • Softbank Collective Payment,
  • au Easy Payment,
  • and account transfer (apply by phone only). 

Choose the plan and subscription benefits that best align with your usage and lifestyle preferences. You have the flexibility to tailor your selection to suit your needs.

Explore various optional services offered, ranging from essential items like NURO electricity and NURO gas to Sony ONU set plans. Customize your package as per your requirements.

Once you have made your selections, simply proceed to the online application form.

NURO Hikari Installation and Activation

NURO Hikari (Installation) | FAIR Inc

To use NURO HIKARI, you must first install and activate it. The duration of this process varies based on several factors.

The installation of NURO HIKARI is distinct from other internet services and requires two separate works on different dates.

Additionally, you must seek permission from the owner of your rented house or apartment before installation can occur.

If these conditions are not possible or you prefer a quicker option, there are other internet providers to consider.

SoftBank HIKARI and Docomo HIKARI are recommended as they use the same FLET’s HIKARI line and are ideal for SoftBank smartphone users.

Another option is au HIKARI, which is known to be one of the most affordable fiber optic internet services in Japan and covers 70% of the country’s areas.

Therefore, you have options to choose from based on your needs and preferences.

Installation Flow for NURO Hikari

One you completed the application and payment, you will now proceed to the next step.

If you chose an in-house installation date during the application, you’ll receive a notification of the work date via mobile phone and email within 3 to 4 days; otherwise, the NURO Hikari Opening Center will arrange an alternative date and contact you.

During in-house installation, consult on the wireless LAN router’s placement, ensuring someone is available to decide or contact the responsible person.

After confirming the method for outdoor installation and completing preparations, you’ll be contacted; adjusting the construction date may take up to 30 days.

Outdoor installation includes pulling and connecting the optical cable from the utility pole to the optical cabinet and linking the optical cables, completing the construction process.

About Home Construction Date Reservation

  • If you have selected a specific date for in-house construction during the application:

Approximately 3 to 4 days later, you will receive a notification of the scheduled installation date via the registered mobile phone number and email address. If the installation cannot be done on the desired date, the NURO Hikari Opening Center will contact the registered telephone number to arrange for “in-house installation.”

  • If you have not selected a specific date for in-house installation during the application:

NURO Hikari Kaito Center will get in touch with you via phone or SMS when the installation is ready. Please wait for their communication.

Estimated Current Opening Period:

  • Detached house: 1-2 months
  • Housing complex: 2-3 months

*Fukuoka, Saga, Gifu, Hokkaido, and Chugoku areas may require an additional 1-2 months depending on the construction status. Larger-scale installation work and applications may be necessary to prepare for the provision of optical fiber based on your living environment.

*For information on the period until opening, please check here.

Extensive Transfer Support

NURO Hikari offers comprehensive transfer support with all costs from contract to cancellation set at 0 yen for up to 2 months. This includes monthly fees, administrative fees, and cancellation fees.

Up to 20,000 yen reduction for cancellation fees of other companies is also available.

Take Advantage of the Transfer Benefits

NURO Hikari (Benefits) | FAIR Inc

Take advantage of the numerous transfer benefits available with Nuro Hikari!

  • Enjoy a 2-month free trial, offering a cost-free experience during the first and second months.
  • From the third to the twelfth month, continue to relish the benefits with a highly affordable monthly basic fee of just 980 yen for the entire first year.
  • When making the switch from another company, Nuro Hikari has you covered with up to 20,000 yen refund on the cancellation fee incurred. This refund ensures a smooth transition to our exceptional services.

Flow Until Receiving the Cancellation Fee Refund from Other Companies

1. Complete the application process

Register your payment method and contact email address during the application process.

2. Start Using NURO Hikari

Begin utilizing NURO Hikari services.

3. “Cancellation Penalty Certificate Attachment Sheet” Sent

Customers who meet the conditions for receiving the refund, starting from the fifth month of usage, will receive a “Cancellation Penalty Certificate Attachment Sheet.”

4. Complete and Return the Attachment Sheet

Fill in the necessary information on the “Cancellation Penalty Certificate Attachment Sheet” and return it by the end of two months after its receipt.

5. Information on Receiving Benefits

Upon receiving the “Cancellation Penalty Certificate Sheet,” and confirming no defects, we will notify you of the benefits to your registered email address within 45 days from the date of receipt. The procedure can be completed on NURO My Page within 45 days.

6. Transfer Up to 20,000 Yen!

Once the procedure is completed, you will receive a refund of up to 20,000 yen on the cancellation fee from your previous internet service provider.

7. Receipt and Application Conditions

Please ensure you meet the required conditions to be eligible for the cancellation fee refund from other companies. The refund is applicable based on specific terms and guidelines.

Exclusive Savings for SoftBank Users with Nuro Hikari!

NURO HIkari (Savings) | FAIR Inc

If you have a SoftBank smartphone or tablet user in your family, including the subscriber, you can enjoy Nuro Hikari at an even better price!

The Home Discount offers up to 1,100 yen per month discount from SoftBank charges, making it a highly advantageous offer.

For households with up to 10 SoftBank users who are Nuro Hikari subscribers and family members, the monthly savings can amount to an impressive 11,000 yen.

Nuro Hikari values its customers, and the more eligible users, the greater the discount. It’s an unbeatable deal for SoftBank users!

The conditions for applying for the Home Discount are as follows:

1. Currently using a SoftBank smartphone/tablet
2. Under contract for SoftBank-eligible plans
3. Able to prove that they are related to the policyholder
4. Contracted for “NURO Hikari Denwa”

Discount Eligibility

If you have a specific contract, you might not be eligible. However, the current plans are typically covered, and the discount amount may vary based on the target plan.

It’s essential to check in advance!

To prove the relationship with the contractor, a family register is fundamentally required.

Additionally, identification documents for both the subscriber and the home discount subscriber will be necessary.

For example, if the contractor and their younger brother and wife are applying, the following items are required from the contractor:

  • Identity verification documents (driver’s license, etc.)
  • A family register that proves the relationship with the brother and family
  • Prepared by the Brother and Sister-in-law:
  • Identity verification documents for the couple
  • A copy of the family register proving their marriage

Though the process may take some time, considering the substantial discount, it’s well worth it.

The Home Discount offers savings of up to 1,100 yen per person!

If you live in a detached house and are a SoftBank user, you can take advantage of Nuro Hikari at an amazing price!

The Home Discount offers savings of up to 1,100 yen per person for up to 10 people. Even if you don’t have a maximum of 10 people, you can still benefit from the fantastic deal with just a few eligible users!

The set discount target numbers and the corresponding monthly discount amounts are as follows:

No. of PersonDiscountAccumulated discount amount for one year
11,100 yen13,200 yen
22,200 yen26,400 yen
33,300 yen39,600 yen
44,400 yen52,800 yen
55,500 yen66,000 yen

For instance, if you have 5 people in your household, you can save more than 60,000 yen in one year!

The discount amount increases as the number of eligible users grows, making it an attractive deal for even one person! If you are a SoftBank user, Nuro Hikari is undoubtedly a great choice!

Though the discount is from the mobile phone charge, it applies when you subscribe to Nuro Hikari. Let’s see how much you can save with Nuro Hikari.

Please refer below for 1 person and 4 people eligible for the Home Discount.

For 1 person:
  • The total monthly fee for the NURO Hikari/detached house plan (M2T plan, 3-year contract) is 5,200 yen.
  • With the Home Discount for 1 person (-1,100 yen), the total comes to 4,100 yen.
  • It’s a fantastic discount even for one person!
For 4 people:
  • The total monthly fee for the NURO Hikari/detached house plan (M2T plan, 3-year contract) is 5,200 yen.
  • With the Home Discount for 4 people (-4,400 yen), the total comes to 800 yen.
  • With four people, the discount is significant, making NURO Hikari almost free!
  • If there are 5 or more people eligible for the Home Discount, NURO Hikari becomes practically 0 yen.

Indeed, NURO Hikari is an ideal fiber-optic line that is fast, affordable, and offers great benefits!

Do These Before You Sign to Any Plan of NURO Hikari

Check internet service coverage

NURO Hikari’s service area is indeed limited compared to other internet service providers in Japan, particularly those who share FLET’s HIKARI’s line, which covers approximately 95% of areas in the country.

NURO Hikari’s service area includes specific regions, mainly in the:

  • Kanto,
  • Kansai,
  • Tokai,
  • Hokkaido,
  • Kyushu,
  • and Chugoku areas.

Only people residing in these regions can get a contract for NURO Hikari’s internet service.

In contrast, internet providers sharing FLET’s HIKARI’s line have a significantly broader coverage, encompassing a large portion of Japan’s territory. This wider coverage makes them more accessible to a larger population.

As a result, while NURO Hikari may offer cost-effective and high-speed internet services, its availability is limited to certain regions. Customers residing outside of these specified areas will need to explore other internet service providers that offer coverage in their location.

Compare Nuro Hikari with Other Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Comparing NURO Hikari with other fiber optic service companies based on the provided information:

Monthly Charges Comparison

ISPMonthly Charge
NURO Hikari’s Home Course5,200 yen
Softbank HIKARI (Softbank光)5,720 yen
Docomo HIKARI (ドコモ光)5,720 yen
au HIKARI (auひかり)5,390 yen

Based on the table, NURO Hikari’s Home Course offers the cheapest monthly charge among the listed fiber optic service providers in Japan. It provides a cost-effective option for users looking for high-speed internet at a relatively lower cost.


  • NURO Hikari’s Mansion Course (apartments): Relatively difficult to get a contract as NURO’s services are still new in Japan, and only a few apartments have installed the line for Mansion Course.
  • Home Course: Widely available and recommended for people living in houses in Japan

Additional Service

NURO Hikari offers a High-speed Wireless LAN Service (wireless ac router rental service for WiFi), which provides convenient access to wireless internet.

NURO Hikari’s Home Course stands out as an affordable and reliable option for users looking for fiber optic internet service in Japan, especially for those living in houses.

However, for apartment dwellers, the availability of the Mansion Course may be limited at the moment. In such cases, the Home Course remains a viable choice.

Speed comparison with FLET’s Hikari

 NURO HikariFLET’S Hikari
Max. Upload Speed2Gbps1Gbps
Max. Download Speed1Gbps1Gbps
Ave. Upload Speed404Mbps184Mbps
Ave. Download Speed469Mbps243Mbps

So, why NURO has faster internet speed?

NURO Hikari is really fast because it has its own special network. This network is like a private road with fewer cars on it, so there’s less traffic. That’s why the internet is faster.

On the other hand, other services like SoftBank Hikari and Sakura Fiber Internet use a common road called NTT FLET’S Hikari network. Since many people are using this road at the same time, it can get crowded, and that’s why their internet might be slower sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NURO Hikari is a leading fiber-optic internet service provider known for its blazing-fast speeds, uninterrupted connectivity, and customer-centric approach. It offers exceptional experiences with its dedicated network infrastructure, resulting in less crowded connections and faster speeds.

NURO Hikari uses thin strands of glass or plastic, called optical fibers, to transmit data using light signals. These fibers carry data at incredible speeds, significantly faster than traditional copper-based methods, making NURO Hikari’s internet exceptionally fast and efficient.

Fiber-optic internet offers higher speeds, reliability, and greater bandwidth compared to traditional broadband. It is less vulnerable to signal degradation and provides consistent performance over longer distances.

NURO Hikari offers high-speed connectivity, stability, and future-proof technology with fiber-optic infrastructure. It provides easy installation, security features, competitive pricing, and a choice of service providers.

NURO Hikari offers 2 Gbps and 10 Gbps plans with different contract periods. Prices vary based on the plan and contract duration, with options for free installation benefits and monthly discounts.

You can apply online or by phone. Choose a plan, select subscription benefits and optional services, and follow the application process. NURO Hikari will guide you through installation and activation steps.

Installation times vary based on factors like housing type and location. The process involves in-house and outdoor installations, which might take a few weeks to complete.

Yes, NURO Hikari provides transfer support with cost savings on monthly fees, administrative fees, and cancellation fees for up to 2 months. You may also receive a refund for cancellation fees from previous providers.

Yes, SoftBank smartphone or tablet users can enjoy a Home Discount of up to 1,100 yen per month on their NURO Hikari services, based on the number of eligible users in the household.

Final Thoughts

In Japan, having really good and fast internet is super important. NURO Hikari Fiber-Optic Internet is like a superstar of the internet world because it’s very reliable and fast. It uses special technology that is super speedy and can work well even if you’re far away from it. It’s like having a super strong road for the internet.

NURO Hikari is great for all kinds of people because it’s easy to set up, has things that people like, and it’s not too expensive. They offer different plans, like the 2 Gbps or 10 Gbps, which means you can do things online without any problems, like playing games or watching videos.

Switching to NURO Hikari is also easy, and if you use SoftBank, you can get a special discount. NURO Hikari makes the internet really fast and good, and it’s like a superhero for your internet experience in Japan.

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