Online Shopping in Japan: Best Websites To Shop

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Many have turned to online shopping, but we always make sure to search for legitimate and secure sites. So, if you’re searching for Japan online shopping websites? You came to the right place.

This article gathered the most popular stores in the country. These stores are not only secure but also provide you with a wide variety of items. But before jumping to our list, let us know if it is worth shopping online.

Why Online Shopping in Japan?

It’s no surprise that many are against doing it because of their horrible past shopping experiences. You cannot handpick the items, more expensive and a lot of other reasons. However, let’s focus more on the brighter side of it.

Here are some of the few reasons why shopping online in Japan nowadays is better than in stores.

The 3 Popular Online Shopping Websites In Japan

1. Amazon Japan

The top one on our list is Amazon, and yes, it is also the most reliable for online shopping in Japan. It is the world’s largest retailer that sells a wide selection of products from different categories, such as:

    • electronics
    • software
    • video games
    • apparel
    • furniture
    • food
    • toys
    • jewelry
    • and more!

From over a million small and medium businesses selling on Amazon, you can definitely buy anything you want from this website. And with their international shipping system, you can make your orders ship to a different address, even abroad.

Apart from that, the platform is user-friendly that allows you to filter your searches by price or rating or brand or category, or other options. And if you want to know what are Amazon’s best sellers products, it has a specific button so you can quickly see all the listings.

Creating your account is the primary requirement when purchasing through Amazon. Otherwise, you can’t be able to shop online. So go to the signing page and provide the following:

  • your name, 
  • a valid email or mobile number 
  • and the required at least six characters password.

You can download the Amazon Japan app for more convenient shopping. Also available now in English.

Amazon Prime Membership Fee

  • ¥500 for a monthly plan (tax included)
  • ¥4,900 for an annual plan (tax included)

Payment methods 

  • Credit card
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Mobile Carrier billing
  • Pay Later (Paidy)
  • Partner Points Program (JCB Oki Doki Points).

Note: Partner Point Program (Oki Doki Points) can be accepted when you use a JCB credit card to pay the membership fee.

Register now at Amazon Japan!

2. Rakuten in Japan

Online Shopping rakuten | FAIR Inc

The second on our list is Rakuten- one of the largest e-commerce in Japan. It also sells everything you need, from food, clothing to fintech services.

You will enjoy shopping from the bunch of sale items. There is a “24-hour time sale” page, in which you see the list of bargain items updated daily, usually 50% off. So if you are looking for various Japanese brands, cheaper and quality items, we highly recommend Rakuten Japan online shopping website. 

So to begin your shopping with Rakuten, you need to be a registered member. Once successfully registered, you are eligible to earn, save and spend Rakuten Points. 

You can earn points every time you shop on Rakuten Ichiba and all Rakuten services.

Point Reward System:

  • 1 point per 100 JPY spent excluding shipping fees. 

For example, you spent 4,398 JPY, and you can earn 43 points.

  • It will be credited to your account the day after your order is complete.
  • You can use the points as payment for your future purchases 20 days after your order is completed. (1Point = 1 JPY) 
  • Earned points expire after a year.

For easy navigation, download Rakuten Japan App today!

Rakuten Membership Fee

  • Free membership and no annual fee

Payment Methods

  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • AlipayRakuten Points

3. Yahoo Online Shopping

yahoo shopping box

If you are a Softbank customer, you will benefit greatly from shopping on Yahoo. Why? Because Yahoo will automatically qualify you for Yahoo Premium membership and you will earn 10 points per 100 yen you spent online.

Yahoo shopping also has a T-Point card. Like Rakuten points, you can use your points as electronic money to shop across Japan. 

Additional List of Online Stores in Japan

Fashion and Lifestyle Online Stores


If you are new to online shopping in Japan, Nissen is an excellent place for you. Nissen is originally a mail-order catalog. Nissen can be found in supermarkets in Japan. Home, kitchen, clothing, perfume, cosmetics and pet things can be purchased here online. 

Belle Maison

Also a mail-order catalog, Belle Maison offers apparel and accessories for women, babies, and young children. They also sell school clothing and product name printed labels, home furniture, and decorations. 


When searching for authentic items online, Felissimo could be a great choice. They sell everything from home and kitchen to clothing items. It also offers a monthly subscription service (定期便/ていきびん/teikibin) which is very convenient for people who want new items. 

Online Grocery Stores

Our top 10 online supermarkets in Japan are as follows:

    1. Rakuten SEIYU
    2. Aeon Supermarket
    3. Daiei
    4. Tokyu Store
    5. Amazon Fresh
    6. Maruetsu
    7. Ito-Yokado Net Supermarket
    8. Life Supermarket Online
    9. Cookpad Mart
    10. Okuwa Online Store

Read the “Online Grocery Shopping In Japan: 10 Leading Stores” article now for further details.

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