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  1. Japan hair removal
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    Japan Hair Removal: 15 Best Salons and…

    Japanese are known for their flawless and radiant skin. No doubt, it is because of their genes, healthy lifestyle, an…

  2. top 10 things to do in Kyoto
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    Top 10 Enthralling Things To Do in Kyo…

    Kyoto stands as one of the best tourist destinations globally for its rich collection of cultural heritage. The well-…

  3. High tech toilets
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    High-tech Toilets in Japan

    Are you curious on the difference between western-style toilets and japanese washlets? On this article, you will lear…

  4. online shopping in japan
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    How to Do Online Shopping in Japan?

    Are you interested in online shopping in Japan? You will find Amazon, Rakuten and Yahoo shopping as the major markets…

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    Cherry Blossoms Festival

    Have you been to Cherry Blossoms Festival? Hanami or flower viewing in Japan is very popular. Check out the facts abo…

  5. Kanazawa
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    Best Hotels to Stay in Kanazawa

    Kanazawa, the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture, stands as one of the most visited cities in Japan. The place is abundan…

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    Best Internet for Tourists in Japan

    We are now living in the digital world, where the internet is being part of everyone's life. It simplifies our lives …

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    Why You Need a Pocket WiFi in Japan?

    A Pocket WiFi or portable WiFi is connecting to the local mobile phone network router and enables your gadgets such a…

  6. Train
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    Where to Buy Japan Rail Pass?

    Make your Japan experience worthwhile with Japan Rail Pass. It will let you explore the most interesting traditional …

  7. hotel hallway
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    The 10 Best Cheap Hotels in Tokyo

    Start looking for cheap hotels if you plan to travel to one of the world's expensive cities to live in, Tokyo. Spendi…