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 Henn Na Hotel which means “Strange Hotel” – originally located in Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki, Japan is the first ever hotel with robotic staff. Entering the reception area, guests are being welcomed by an animated robot, Churi-chan. They will then be assisted by a human-like receptionist, and a dinosaur robot for their check-ins. The first Henn Na Hotel was established in March 2015 and has been recognized by the Guinness World Records as “the first robot-staffed hotel” in the world. Even though it was commonly know as the “Strange Hotel”, the Huis Ten Bosch highlighted that the reason behind the name is that the hotel will always evolve. This highly innovative hotel in Japan owned by CEO Hideo Sawade became a head turner not just to local citizens but also to the world’s news, journalists, and ever bloggers.

What is behind this hotel concept? According to an interview, CEO Sawade is a robot-lover since he was young. He also believed that across the globe, Japan has always been involved in the interesting robotics technology. Also, his purpose in switching hotel staffs from humans to robots is to reduce labor costs and to offer guests a stress-free experience while maintaining an eco-friendly environment. These reasons had influenced him to develop a such high-tech facility.

Now, let’s take a look at how it feels to be accommodated in this unique hotel.

After the booking process in the reception area, guests will be assisted to their rooms with the help of a robot porter, though its primary task is to carry luggage. Additionally, it has an installed LED screen to let the guests watch some updates about events taking place in the theme park. Upon entering the room, guests can unlock the room-door not by a key nor a badge card but with a face recognition technology. Not only that because guests in each room will have their personal assistant, Churi-chan. This robotic assistant has the ability to switch on and off the lights, be an alarm clock, and can even provide guests an up-to-date weather forecast. This cute robot assistant can communicate in any of the four languages – English, Mandarin Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.

As years past, the Henn Na Hotel proves to be a hotel that never stops evolving. Currently, it now has 15 new additional hotels across Japan which offers a convenient stay, incorporated with various cutting-edge technologies with a total of more than 300 robots in 30 types. On the other hand, what are the features that guests could enjoy in these hotels aside from being entertained by the robots? Check out their branches below to know more:

The Different Branches of Henn Na Hotel in Japan

Kyoto Hachijoguch

A 4-star Henn Na Hotel branch located in Kyoto City, district of Kyoto. The hotel’s location is convenient especially for those first time tourists in Japan because markets and restaurants are just near the area. The hotel receptionists are robotic dinosaurs who will also welcome guests and assist them with their check-ins.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

Sauna Verde Club – 300 m
Kyoto Porta – 400 m
Kyoto Station – 400 m
Kyoto Tower – 450 m
Taisho-yu – 550 m
Sanjusangen-do Temple – 1 km
Tofuku-ji Temple – 1.4 km
Kyoto Shigaku Kaikan Conference Hall – 1.9 km
Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine – 2.1 km
Imperial Palace – 4.4 km

Fukuoka Hakata

A 3-star Henn Na Hotel branch located in the Hakata Ward, district of Fukuoka has its jungle-inspired reception hall. With more than 100 guestrooms, this branch is a perfect accommodation for guests who wants to indulge into the fun-loving city of Fukuoka. Guests will surely enjoy the warm welcome from two cool dinosaurs who will also assist them with their check-ins.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

Ship’s Garden Suijo-Park – 150 m
Fukuoka City Museum of Literature – 150 m
Kagami Temmangu Shrine – 200 m
Suikyo Tenmangu Shrine – 200 m
Art Space Tetra – 250 m
Nakajima Park – 250 m
Kihinkan Hall – 300 m
Tenjin Station – 550 m
Fukuoka Tower – 4.8 km

Kyoto Hachijoguch

   A 4-star Henn Na Hotel branch located in Kyoto City, district of Kyoto. The hotel’s location is convenient especially for those first time tourists in Japan because markets and restaurants are just near the area. The hotel receptionists are robotic dinosaurs who will also welcome guests and assist them with their check-ins.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

Sauna Verde Club – 300 m
Kyoto Porta – 400 m
Kyoto Station – 400 m
Kyoto Tower – 450 m
Taisho-yu – 550 m
Sanjusangen-do Temple – 1 km
Tofuku-ji Temple – 1.4 km
Kyoto Shigaku Kaikan Conference Hall – 1.9 km
Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine – 2.1 km
Imperial Palace – 4.4 km

Asakusa, Tawaramachi

This branch is known to be the world’s first check-in hotel with holographic technology and also has concierge services for the comfort of their guests.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

Torin-ji Temple – 150 m
Honpo-ji Temple – 200 m
Eiken-ji Temple – 300 m
Kaminarimon – 300 m
World Bags and Luggage Museum – 350 m
Tokyo Station – 3.8 km
Japan Imperial Palace – 4.4 km

Laguna Ten Bosch

Located in Gamagori, Laguna Ten Bosch branch is the best check in hotel for tourists who come to Japan for sailing, as it is just across Kaiyoh sailing club. Guests entering this Henn Na Hotel branch will surely feel the Jurassic Park ambiance as it is surrounded with robotic dinosaurs and even hatched dino eggs.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

Laguna Gamagori – 400 m
Thalgo Laguna – 1.1 km
Laguna Spa Natural Hot Springs- 1.1 km
Takeshima Aquarium – 3.5 km

Nishi Shinsaibashi

This branch is perfectly located in the Chuo Ward, district of Osaka because it is just around the places where tourists would need and love to go such as restaurants and convenient stores. Popular points of interest near the vicinity includes Manpuku-ji Temple, Orange Street and Minatomachi River Place Convention Center.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

Mitsutera Temple – 200 m
Rug Time Osaka – 200 m
Orange Street – 250 m
Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade – 250 m
Glico Man Sign – 350 m
Manpuku-ji Temple – 400 m
Shinsaibashi Station – 450 m
Zojugoi Yasuidoton Dobokukiko Monument – 750 m
Nipponbashi Monument – 750 m


This 3-star Henn Na Hotel branch located in the Chuo Ward, district of Osaka offers a buffet of Asian breakfast that tourists from around the world will surely love. Popular points of interest nearby includes Glico Man Sign, Nanba Betsuin Temple, and Mitsutera Temple.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

Ruido Osaka – 150 m
Adam Lounge – 200 m
Yokanise LIVE Bar – 200 m
CLUB Bambi – 200 m
CONPASS Live Space – 200 m
Shinsaibashi Station – 200 m
Namba Shrine – 450 m
Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade – 500 m
Nanba Betsuin Temple – 600 m
Mitsutera Temple – 600 m

Kansai Airport, Osaka

Guestrooms in this branch has a wonderful sea view that attract guests as it promotes a relaxing atmosphere. The branch also offers a range of wellness facilities such as hot spring bath and a sauna.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

Rinku Park – 400 m
Rinku Gate Tower Building – 450 m
Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle Shopping Centre – 650 m
Rinku Premium Outlets – 1 km
Icora Mall Izumisano – 2.9 km
Aeon Mall Rinku-Sennan – 4.7 km
Naka Family Residence – 4.9 km
Natural Education Museum – 5 km
Wakihama Ebisu Grand Shrine – 5 km
Chokei-ji Temple – 6 km

Haneda, Tokyo

Opened in October 2017, Haneda Henn Na Hotel is located in the Ota Ward, district of Tokyo. This branch promotes great customer experience among any other hotels in the area. Breakfasts are served in buffet style with American, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Asian, and European cuisines.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

Anamori Inari Shrine – 900 m
Uramori Inari Shrine – 1.1 km
Miwa Itsukushima Shrine – 1.5 km
Morigasaki Kotsu Park – 1.5 km
Omori Hachiman Shrine – 1.6 km
Keikyū Kamata Station – 1.7 km
Kifune Shrine – 1.8 km
Gonsho-ji Temple – 1.9 km
Omori Furusato-no-Hamabe Park – 2.2 km
Kamata Station – 2.5 km

Akasaka, Tokyo

This branch is located in the Minato, district of Tokyo. One good reason why tourists choose to book their accommodations in this hotel is not just to experience how robots entertain guests but also because of its perfect location which is surrounded with the most attractive places in Tokyo.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

Akasaka Station – 200 m
Tameike Sanno Station – 300 m
Akasaka Biz Tower Shops & Dining – 300 m
Hie Shrine – 300 m
Akasaka Twin Tower – 300 m
Kaishu Katsu & Ryoma Sakamoto Teacher and Student Monument – 300 m
Akasaka Sacas – 300 m
Okamura Chair Museum – 300 m
Prime Minister’s Office of Japan – 300 m
Akasaka Blitz – 300 m
Roppongi Hills – 1.6 km
Tokyo Tower – 1.6 km
Japan Imperial Palace – 1.8 km
Tokyo Station – 2.6 km
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden – 3 km
Shibuya Station – 3.7 km
Yoyogi Park – 3.8 km

Asakusabashi, Tokyo

This modernized and high-tech hotel is located in the Taito Ward, district of Tokyo. Additionally, this branch is just around tourists attractions like Kusawakeinari Shrine, Sakuma Park and Shishiki Shrine. Just like any other Henn Na Hotel branches, guests in Asakusabashi branch are being welcomed by two human-like robots seated in a stylish reception desk.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

Maaki Masaru Fine Arts – steps away
Bookmark Asakusabashi – 100 m
Asakusa Mitsuke Memorial – 100 m
Asakusabashi Station – 100 m
Ichogaoka Hachiman Shrine – 100 m
Bentenyu – 200 m
Hatsunemori Shrine – 200 m
Japan Stationery Museum – 400 m
Bakurochou Station – 500 m
Jinnai Shrine – 500 m
Ueno Station – 2 km
Tokyo Station – 2.4 km
Tokyo Skytree – 2.7 km
Japan Imperial Palace – 3.2 km

Ginza, Tokyo

A highly rated Henn Na Hotel located in Ginza City, because of its high quality customer service, classy and cozy atmosphere. Guests can also enjoy its highly-rated breakfast with the taste of Continental dishes.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

Pacific Art Centre Inc – 100 m
Shintomi Inari Shrine – 100 m
Scart Gallery – 200 m
Wada Fine Arts Gallery – 200 m
Tsukiji Station – 300 m
Gas Light in Chuo Monument – 300 m
Futaba Gakuen Birthplace Monument – 300 m
Red And Blue Gallery – 300 m
Hino Gallery – 300 m
American Legion Memorial Stones – 300 m
Tokyo Station – 1.4 km
Japan Imperial Palace – 2.4 km
Tokyo Tower – 2.9 km
Roppongi Hills – 4.2 km
Ueno Station – 4.9 km

Nishikasai, Tokyo

This brand new, multi-storey building can be found in the Edogawa, district of Tokyo. As always, guests are being entertained by the two cool dinosaurs in the front desk. Also, the hotel is located in nearby restaurants and local shops that no need for them to pay for transportation just to get there.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

Nishi-Kasai Station – 200 m
Gyosen Park – 700 m
Heisei Garden – 700 m
Shin Nagashima River Shinsui Park – 900 m
Ukita Park – 1 km
Kasai Station – 1.1 km
Subway Museum – 1.2 km
Shinsakon River Shinsui Park – 1.3 km
Edogawa Stadium – 1.4 km
Furukawa Shinsui Park – 1.6 km

Maihama, Tokyo

Guests who visit Japan for a Disneyland trip should consider checking in to Henn Na Hotel Maihama branch as it is just situated for a distance of about 10-15 minutes walk. On the other hand, aside from the robotic dinosaurs in the reception hall, the goal of this branch is to provide guests a comfortable and quirky experience that they will never forget.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

Maihama Station – 1 km
Ario Kasai – 1 km
Maihama Amphitheater – 1.4 km
Tokyo Disneyland – 1.5 km
Urayasu City Cultural Hall – 1.6 km
Urayasu Local Museum – 1.7 km
Tokyo Disney Resort – 1.7 km
Former House of Udagawa Family – 1.9 km
Former House of Otsuka Family – 1.9 km
Tokyo DisneySea – 2.2 km

Kanazawa, Korinbo

Also, a 4-star Henn Na Hotel branch in Kanazawa with two dinosaur receptionists to accommodate guests with their check-ins.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

Oyama Shrine – 250 m
Nagamachi Bukeyashiki District – 300 m
Nomura Family Samurai House – 400 m
Kanazawa Castle – 500 m
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art – 550 m
Kenrokuen Garden – 700 m
Myoryuji – Ninja Temple – 1.1 km
Kanazawa Station – 1.5 km


Considered as a business-type 3-star hotel, this branch is located in the Minato district of Tokyo. Guests will surely enjoy American breakfast while staying inside the hotel – the Japanese way.

Tourists Destinations Nearby:

World Trade Center Tokyo – 100 m
Seaside Top Observatory – 100 m
Daimon Station – 200 m
Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden – 200 m
Hamamatsucho Station – 200 m
Italy Park – 300 m
Shiodome Italian Town – 400 m
Shiki Theatre Company – 500 m
Mielparque-Tokyo Hall – 500 m
Takeshiba Wharf Park – 600 m
Tokyo Tower – 1 km
Roppongi Hills – 2.5 km
Tokyo Station – 2.8 km
Japan Imperial Palace – 3 km
Shinagawa Station – 3.4 km
Nezu Museum – 3.6 km
Shibuya Station – 5 km
These multilingual and moving dinosaurs assist guests on their check-ins and check-outs, 24/7.

One great thing about these Henn Na hotel branches is their common services which offer guests a non-stop free high-speed wifi connection, 24/7 front desk assistance, restaurants, facilities for disabled guests, laundry services, 24-hour security with alarms, air-conditioned rooms with a flat-screen tv, an electric kettle for each room, soundproof rooms, and a lot more. Of course, due to this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all of the hotels’ staff follow every safety protocols as directed by local authorities to ensure the safety of the guests while staying in Japan.

The developers of Henn Na Hotel promises to continue this amazing evolution to provide guests the best quality of service in accordance with the advanced and futuristic hotel facilities. Their expansion is still ongoing not just inside Japan but also worldwide.

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