Japan Hair Removal: 15 Best Salons and Clinics

Japan hair removal

Japanese are known for their flawless and radiant skin. No doubt, it is because of their genes, healthy lifestyle, and skincare routine. Other than using different beauty products to maintain their flawless skin, surprisingly, they remove or shave unwanted facial and body hair. And since Japan is leading in technology and innovation worldwide, using advanced body hair removal techniques are very common. Some popular clinics and salons design their own hair removal machines. Medical institutions use high-tech medical lasers for hair removal while aesthetic salons use new technologies such as IPL, SHR, etc.

What is laser hair removal?  It is a hair removal procedure using a laser, which effectively targets hair roots, follicles to control the hair growth, and can even stop the growth permanently. It usually begins with an assessment of the skin area that will receive treatment and also an appropriate preparation, which includes wearing of eye protection. During the procedure, a medical practitioner will give a pulse of light to the treatment area and observe it for several minutes. Once the procedure is completed, they may provide an anti-inflammatory lotion or ice pack to reduce discomfort. The next session will be scheduled probably after 4-6 weeks. Besides, you will need more treatment to stop hair growth permanently.

Now, before you decide where to undergo this kind of treatment, you should take into consideration the following:

  • Look for a reputable clinic or salon
  • Know your medical practitioner or technician, who will be handling the hair removal treatment
  • Check the type of machine the salon or clinic is using.

There are plenty of hair removal salons and clinics, some could be affordable, while others are quite expensive. Among them, we can recommend 15 best hair removal clinics and salons in Japan including the price lists to help you decide where to go. All of them are reputable in the business, for they provide excellent services that lead to numerous referrals.

But before that, our top 3 clinics (Regina, Lacoco, and Koishinyou) offer free counseling and reservation using your smartphone or by filling out the form on their reservation web page. You can visit their official websites from the list below. However, free counseling is only eligible for the first visit. Avail it now!

1. Regina Clinic
Testing through laser-irradiation is possible during the first counseling. Safe to check skin compatibility.
2. La Coco
Top-rated and most recommended!
Rates are reasonable and quick and painless hair removal.
3. Love skin
You will not take a longer time for every session with them, for they are proven fast in terms of skin hair removal treatment.

The Best 15 Hair Removal Salons and Clinics

1. Regina Clinic

A world-class when it comes to medical hair removal. Unlike what others think about treatment inside medical clinics will cost a lot of money, in Regina Clinic, they guaranteed a flat rate with no additional charges. Aside from that, they assure that women staff will handle women clients, and the information regarding the treatment as well the aftercare will be correctly discussed to all patients.

Plan nameNo. of TimesChargePrice per time
Whole-body hair loss (VIO ×, face ×)5189,000 yen37,800 JPY
Whole-body hair loss (VIO ○, face x)5273,000 yen54,600 JPY
Whole-body hair loss (VIO ×, face ○)5309,000 JPY61,800 JPY
Whole-body hair loss (VIO ○, face ○)5393,000 JPY78,600 JPY

Remember, medical laser hair removal can only be performed at a medical institution like Regina Clinic. Visit now at one of its 14 major hospitals nationwide.

Check the official website of Regina Clinic

2. La Coco


They started as a manufacturer of hair removal machines. After realizing the demands of this new trend, they established hair salons to satisfy customers’ needs. As an expert in designing machines, they were able to produce hair removal machines tailored for Japanese hair.

They utilize the new permanent hair removal method called SHR or super hair removal technology that has three main features.

  1. Irradiated can be done once every two weeks
  2. Almost painless, gentle, and warm
  3. Supports various hair and skin types

The full hair body removal can be done in the shortest period of 6 months. Besides, it is highly effective for pubic hair and gray hair, and it can remove regardless of skin color, so it is OK even if it is tanned.

Plan nameTimesCost

Cost per hour

Whole-body hair loss579,000 JPY15,800 JPY

It is a women-only salon, so don’t hesitate to visit one of their salons nationwide.

Check the official site of La Coco.

3. Love Skin

New store

It is by far the most recommended hair removal salon by celebrities and models in social media.

They offer frequency and monthly courses at a very affordable cost, which attract more clients to their salons. In a frequency course, the treatment for full-body hair removal for face and VIO is performed once every 2 weeks, while in a monthly course, it can be done every month for at least 24 months.

If you want to achieve hair removal for a short span, then you can choose the frequency course, in which the salon used the latest hair removal machine. However, if you want cheaper, then go for the monthly course.

Plan nameNo. of TimesTotal CostPrice per time
Full-body hair removal pack plan699, 800 JPY16, 633 JPY
12189, 600 JPY15, 800 JPY
18269, 500 JPY14, 972 JPY
24359, 400 JPY14, 975 JPY

Also, they give collagen treatment every after the session for free. So, why not visit this famous hair removal salon in Japan?

Check the list of reviews for whole body hair loss for love skin!

4. Kireimo


If you want full-body hair removal, then this could be the best one for you. There is a lot of courses that will satisfy the needs of each type of body skin. Interestingly, you can choose a plan according to your budget, which is the monthly course.

The machine they operate during the treatment uses visible light that is not harmful to the body. There is no effect of sunburn or health risk from UV rays exposure. The method that they have been using is skin-friendly and will not cause direct damage to your skin.

It is best to try their pack plans, which are available for 6 times pack, 12 times pack, 18 times pack, and the special plan with a warranty until hair removal is complete. When you sign-up from any of these plans, you will be entitled to three benefits that include, shaving assistance fee, moisturizing lotion, and facial care are free.

Plan nameNo. of TimesTotal CostHourly Rate
Full-body hair removal pack plan6 times205,200 JPY34,200 JPY
10 335,160 JPY33,516 JPY
12 381,672 JPY31,806 JPY
15 466,830 JPY31,122 JPY
18 523,260 JPY29,070 JPY

Check the official site of Kireimo



This salon has been providing high quality and low prices to its customers. STLASSH uses SHR technology, which is the newest hair removal method. Receiving this type of treatment will not feel any discomfort, more safe, and faster in reducing hair.

In maintaining their quality service, they created an environment where customers can feel safe and relax. They as well implemented ten promises for their customers, such as hygiene environment commitment, free counseling, solicitation is prohibited, refundable, painless hair removal, and so on.

First-time customers are eligible for free one-on-one counseling. During that time, they will propose a course that meets their clients’ needs. Sign-up now to avail!

Plan NameNo. of TimesTotal CostHourly Rate
Whole-body skin removal (VIO ○, face ○)695,760 JPY15,960 JPY
10154,500 JPY15,450 JPY
12181,800 JPY15,150 JPY
18262,440 JPY14,580 JPY
Whole-body beautiful hair removal unlimited courseUnlimited399,384 JPY

For those who are vulnerable to pain and faster treatment, go to STLASSH!

Check the official website of STLASSH.

Check out the list of reviews for STLASSH Full-Body Hair Removal!

6. Ginza Calla

It is one of the most popular hair removal salons in Japan, mostly seen on TV ads. The salon speedy hair removal guaranteed no long term commitment. Only one year to get rid of your body hair. Although faster treatment, it aims to have better results than other salons.

Ginza Calla developed moisturizing lotion called “Bihada-Junbi,” which is applied to the skin through a high-pressure machine before the hair removal treatment.

IPL or intense pulsed light is the technology used by Ginza Calla in their hair removal treatment, which is painless and more effective in treating large areas.

Plan nameNo. of TimesTotal Charge
Speed hair removal course (VIO ○, face x)Unlimited295,000 JPY
Reasonable hair removal course (VIO ○, face x)Unlimited197,650 JPY
Speed hair removal course (VIO ○, face ○)Unlimited382,000 JPY
Reasonable hair removal course (VIO ○, face ○)Unlimited290,050 JPY

If you want to have a beautifully soft skin effect, choose Ginza Calla salon.

Book now for free!

Check the official website of Ginza Color

7. Omotesando Skin Clinic

Omotesando Skin Clinic is offering various procedures, both in cosmetic surgery and dermatology, which include medical laser hair removal. The method that they have been using to remove unwanted hair permanently saves time and stress-free. You will be irradiated by a specialized doctor, who adjusts the output and pulse width according to the skin condition.

They claim faster sessions compared to other salons, that can only be performed in 60-90 minutes even with full-body removal. After depilation, they will provide support to clients using prescribed medicines, which only medical institutions can carry out.

Plan nameNo. of TimesTotal CostHourly Rate
Whole-body hair loss (VIO ×, face ×)5298,000 JPY59,600 JPY
Whole-body hair loss (VIO ○, face x)5358,000 JPY71,600 JPY
Whole-body hair loss (VIO ×, face ○)5358,000 JPY71,600 JPY
Whole-body hair loss (VIO ○, face ○)398,000 JPY79,600 JPY

Book now for free!

8. Rize Clinic


Rize clinics are also available nationwide. All of their branches have menu plans that are set to a 5-time course, which main purpose is to intensify the effectivity of irradiation according to the appropriate timing of the hair cycle.

The clinic will not collect extra charges, such as cancellation fees, shaving fees, and consultation fees. So if you prefer more on the quality of service and effectiveness over low cost, then Rize Clinic will be most suitable for you.

Plan nameNo. of TimesTotal ChargeHourly Price
Whole-body hair loss (VIO ×, face ×)298,000 JPY59,600 JPY
Whole-body hair loss (VIO ○, face x)5358,000 JPY71,600 JPY
Whole-body hair loss (VIO ×, face ○)5358,000 JPY71,600 JPY
Whole-body hair loss (VIO ○, face ○)5398,000 JPY79,600 JPY

Check the official website of Rize Clinic

9. C3


The other depilation salon in Japan is the C3, which is known for its premium full hair removal. They assure you to provide treatment that is possible to achieve in the shortest time without feeling pain.

They have introduced “Renaissance” or the ultra-high-speed GTR, the hair removal machine made in Japan. It is designed for Japanese skin and is a purely domestic hair removal machine. Therefore, tested quality and safe and effective.

Plan nameTimesCostRate per hour
Whole-body hair loss (+ IO line or face)125,000 yen20,833 yen
10 190,000 JPY19,000 JPY
13 240,000 JPY18,462 JPY
Permanent maintenance course (+ IO line or face)Unli340,000 JPY
Permanent maintenance course (IO line ○, face ○)Unli382,400 JPY

Your contract with C3 salon will have no time limit. Grab this great deal now!

Check the C3 official website.

10. Alicia Clinic


The highlight of this clinic is the treatment as many as you want in 5 years. Before you can avail of this unique deal, you need to subscribe to a 5-year contract plan, and so you can remove all remaining hair and thin hair and aim for smooth skin.

At Alicia Clinic, the duration of the treatment varies depending on the site. During the procedure, they use a hair removal machine with suction and cooling effects to alleviate pain. And rest assured, female nurses will perform the procedure.

Also, if you want to go through slowly rather than the speedy completion plan, the price will be slightly higher. Make sure to check out for their discount plan. Book now!

Plan nameNo. of TimesTotal CostPrice per time
Speed completion plan (VIO x, face x)5294,950 JPY58.990 JPY
Speed completion plan (VIO ○, face ×)8421,730 JPY52,716 JPY
Speed completion plan (VIO ○, face ×)Unlimited535,530 JPY

Check the official website of Alicia Clinic.

11. SASALA Salon

If you want faster depilation, you may consider the SASALA salon. This salon is using the unique hybrid hair removal (IPL hair removal, and SHR hair removal) according to the condition of your hair and skin, to achieve a faster effect. And since SHR hair removal is less painful, it would be perfect for those who cannot tolerate pain.

Aside from a trained professional esthetician will perform the treatment. They offer free counseling without asking for any solicitation. Reserve at Alicia now to check your hair condition.

Plan nameTimesChargePrice per time
38 hair removals throughout the body6 times114,048 yen19,008 yen
8 times165,940 yen20,742 yen

Check the official website of Sasala.

12. Dione Salon

【全身脱毛Dione】敏感肌専門 脱毛サロン ディオーネ

If your problem is your sensitive skin or if you are afraid of burns and pain, Dione will work out for it. Using the special gel before the treatment will prepare and protect the client’s skin during the hair removal procedure.

Dione assures their clients that the treatment they are performing is the most gentle among other salons who are using conventional methods of hair removal. Their hyper-skin removal does not use high heat, so it will not cause damages to the skin. You can even wear makeup afterward.

Plan nameNo. of TimesTotal CostHourly Price
Whole-body hair loss (4 sites from L + 4 sites from S)99,900 JPY16,500 JPY
12 198,000 JPY16,500 JPY
Whole-body hair removal (* All parts except face)210,000 JPY35.000 JPY
12 360,000 JPY30,000 JPY

Check the official website of Dione

13. Toi Toi Toi Clinic

Site top

Another hair removal clinic that you should try is the Toi Toi Toi Clinic. The medical laser that they are using is the first approved by the US FDA (Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare), which its effects have been recognized on hair production. 

You need to complete the 5 courses at Toi Toi Toi clinic to achieve great results, or you could also extend up to 8 courses to get smoother effects. 

Medical hair laser removal is only available at medical institutions. Schedule your reservation now at TOI TOI TOI.

Plan nameNo. of TimesTotal CostHourly Price
Whole-body hair loss (VIO ×, face ×)5198,000 JPY39,600 JPY
 Whole-body hair loss (VIO ×, face ○)5268,000 JPY53,600 JPY
Whole-body hair loss (VIO ○, face ×)5248,000 JPY49,600 JPY
Whole-body hair loss (VIO ○, face 〇)5318,000 JPY63,600 JPY

Check the official website of TOITOITOI clinic.

14. Hair Removal Lab


Hair Removal Lab is one of the major hair salons in Japan, which operates several branches all over the country. This salon offers a frequency plan and a monthly plan. The monthly plan comes to the store once a month, but if you enroll with the number of times pack plan or the frequency plan, then it can be done once every two weeks.

Applying the revolutionary hair removal method, this hair salon equipped with a continuous hair removal machine and lab machine gun, Krypton SEV. This machine uses krypton light that does not cause skin damages.

Plan NameNo. of TimesTotal CostHourly Price
Whole-body hair loss 48 places6119,760 JPY19,960 JPY
12209,980 JPY17,498 JPY
18299,980 JPY16,665 JPY

Hair Removal Lab established a hassle-free reservation policy in Japan. Make your reservation now!

Check the official website of Hair Removal Lab.

15. Coloree


Coloree is another must-visit hair removal salon in Japan. This newly-started salon specializes in whole-body hair removal and a sister company of Musee, a popular hair removal salon in Japan. They have been offering a light course that removes hair in 34 parts of the body and the whole body course that eliminates all of your unwanted body and facial hair. Also, the plan shown here is limited for once a month session and once every two weeks session if you want to complete hair removal quickly.

Plan NameNo. of TimesTotal costHourly Price
Light course: 34 whole-body beauty hair removal1285,500 JPY7,125 JPY
18128,250 JPY7,125 JPY
24171,000 JPY7,125 JPY
Whole-body 46 parts beauty hair removal course12132,000 JPY11,000 JPY
18176,400 JPY9,800 JPY
24236,200 JPY9,842 JPY

The monthly fee is quite cheap, so it’s perfect for students who don’t want to spend much money from their pockets.


Medical Clinic or Aesthetic Salon

Are you indecisive about whether to choose a medical clinic or an aesthetic salon? Below are the pros and cons of an aesthetic salon, which uses photo epilationa hair removal procedure using intense pulsed light (IPL). Also, the pros and cons of a medical clinic, which uses a lot more powerful devices, a laser. 

Photo epilationMedical hair removal


  • Less pain
  • Beautiful skin effect
  • Often cheap


    • Less frequent visits
    • Permanent hair removal
    • There is an emergency support


  • It takes time to complete hair removal
  • Large individual differences in effects


  • Painful
  • Often it becomes expensive

After reading their distinctions above, and knowing the best salons and clinics we have introduced you, which are highly effective and popular, you can finally decide where to go.

Our top 3 on the above list will not only remove your unwanted body and facial hair but could also bring many benefits such as skin tone up and reduction of skin problems. Avail now their free reservation and counseling!

[No. 1 popularity] Regina Clinic- Test irradiation is possible during the first counseling! Checking skin compatibility

Monthly 9,800 yen banner

[2] La Coco- No. 1 Review rating and satisfaction! Cheap, fast, and painless Lacoco hair removal procedure!


[3] Love skin- For those who want to remove their hair in the shortest time!

La Vogue

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