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Cooking(料理, Ryōri) has been made easier thanks to online food delivery in Japan. These services in the country make it easier for you to get the freshest, safest raw, and ready-to-eat foods. There are Japanese online food delivery services that offer and deal with different types of delivery.

This article tackles the history of food delivery services in Japan and the reasons why it is in higher demand in today’s pandemic. Learn the types of services and the companies that offer the best Japanese online food delivery today. So, read on!

The History of Food Delivery Services in Japan

300 years ago, Japanese food delivery services(出前) were laid out during the Edo Period or Tokugawa Period. In Japan, this is referred to as “Demae” and often drawn on Ukiyo-e or Japanese traditional paintings. This delivery service continued through the Showa era and became more known as the bicycles were invented, widely used in Japan. 

To do the food delivery services, the driver stacks up to 50 box dishes (岡持ち, Okamochi) on his shoulders while biking. When cars were introduced, food delivery services in Japan by bicycles were branded as dangerous. From here on out, they use motorcycles instead as the means of food delivery by calling it Demaeki(出前機) which delivers fresh vegetables, fish, and Japanese buckwheat noodles(soba, そば). 

Most orders are catered through phone calls and websites when smartphones are not yet introduced. They deliver pizza, sushi, and even Japanese curry. When Uber enters the business market, smartphones are strongly used, using applications to order foods(either cash on delivery or instant payment).

Because of the growing market of online food delivery in Japan, there is no doubt the demand is getting higher. Now, let us discuss the reasons why online food delivery services are at their peak today.

Why is Online Food Delivery In-Demand in Japan?

1. Lunch Peak Hours

Most workers in Japan rely on online food delivery because restaurants tend to have a long line before being entertained to food. Restaurants in Japan are flooded with people during peak hours, thus, Japanese online food delivery is the best option.

2. Quick and easy

Call or use the mobile app of the food delivery company. Order your food and let it be delivered to you door-to-door. You can pay when the food is delivered to you. Very easy!

3. People are too busy to cook and shop

Because Japanese people are very inspired to work, they tend to become tired when they get home. Of course, you just want to eat when coming home from work, then get a rest. To solve the hassle, Japanese online food delivery is invented to ease them.

4. Coupons and advertisements for food delivery services in Japan are everywhere

Who doesn’t want a free coupon for food delivery, maybe a discounted one? The advertisements for food delivery services through messaging apps such as Line make it easier for people to notice it. Don’t you want a free coupon for delicious foods delivered to you?

5. Special occasions

No time for cooking for special occasions such as cherry blossoms viewing (花見)? Some food delivery companies offer a service that lets you order food for doing things such as hanami. With this, you don’t have to carry lunchboxes anymore. 

Another one special occasion is with guests and visitors. Unexpected guests such as friends and relatives will enjoy the various ordered foods. Fewer worries save time, and you can now entertain your visitors.

Types of Online Food Delivery Services in Japan

1. Ready-to-eat food delivery service

This refers to food that is cooked, prepared to be consumed. This category is made up of Deli delivery services, restaurants, fast food chains, sushi delivery, and convenience store meal delivery services. Pizza, Japanese curry, and ramen are included in this category.

Did you know? There are different types of ramen you can try in Japan. Get to know them by visiting our article, Best Ramen in Shinjuku! Get them at your front door now!

Ramen Delivery in Japan | FAIR Inc

2. Processed and precooked food delivery service

The category comprises Home meal delivery services and online grocery supermarkets. Frozen foods, pre-packaged foods, and processed foods such as cup noodles and instant noodles are included here. Foods that need to be heated and cooked are also categorized as this one.

3. Raw and fresh food delivery service

As the name suggests, this category refers to natural food delivery services, milk delivery services, online supermarkets, and co-op individual food delivery services. Meats, vegetables, fish, and fruits are included here. Supermarkets such as Aeon offer the mentioned food delivery service.

Japanese Online Food Delivery Companies

Regarded as the most known online food delivery service in urban areas in Japan. Prefectures such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, and Fukuoka are included in their service area. As a delivery service company that loves nature, Uber supports the less usage of disposable items. 

You can even apply for baito or part-time jobs at Uber. Most of their job postings are searchable on the internet. For the official link, click here.

Maishoku Online Food Delivery in Japan| FAIR Inc

Maishoku connects you to over 300 restaurants in Japan. One thing they are best about is that they don’t take delivery fees, meaning all free. You just have to reach a minimum amount of order(depends on the restaurant) to avail. The website is English-supported, but please note that the language is communicative, not native.
For their official link, click here.

A Japanese online food delivery service that offers quality packages. Although the price of their food is a little higher than the others, the food and their service are reasonable enough. If you are living in Tokyo, Fine Dine delivers to the city’s 23 wards. 

One thing they are proud of is that you can enter your exact address if you aren’t sure if they deliver in your area. Just check the confirmation box. For their official website, click here.

Demae-Can has the largest restaurant listing among the food delivery services in Japan. Imagine choosing foods from over 20,000 restaurants in the country. This means you can order from Freshness Burger, KFC, Coco Ichibanya, and Dominoes.

As a tip, check out the user ratings of each food on their website. You can wisely pick which one is the most approved among the crowd. For the minimum order of ¥2, 000, check their website.

Rakuten Online Food Delivery in Japan | FAIR Inc

Rakuten, which is a very popular company in Japan, enters online food delivery in Japan as well. There are 10,000 restaurants partnered with Rakuten Delivery to count. As usual, you can get your “R-points” which are usable in shopping as discounts.

If you are craving Chinese foods, Western foods, and Japanese foods, get them via Rakuten Delivery. You can also avail of their catering services and alcoholic beverages by visiting their website.

Have you heard about GuruNavi, the food encyclopedia in Japan? This site has an online food delivery service as well. To do this, you must upgrade it to GuruNavi Premium. 

They deliver not only in Tokyo but in other prefectures as well. To order in advance with a minimum order amount of ¥10,000, visit their website here.

Docomo, which is famous for being one of the mobile service providers in Japan, deals with online food delivery too. Chain restaurants such as KFC, Pizza Hut, and Coco Ichibanya are featured on their site. One thing that stands out in their service is their free drinks and discounts as a limited deal. 

Visit their official link here.

Line Delima Online Food Delivery in Japan | FAIR Inc

Along with other deli delivery apps in Japan is Line Delima. To promote their food delivery discounts, Line advertises its coupons on their official SNS app, LINE. With most Japanese people using their app, there is no doubt LINE contributes to the success of the food delivery market in the country. 

To visit their site, click here.

Most Delivered Foods in Japan

Sushi Online Delivery in Japan | FAIR Inc

Average Price

Average Delivery Fee




Sushi and Sashimi






Japanese Curry



Bento Boxes



Japanese online food delivery is a trend. This may be the best option especially facing this pandemic. Not just safe, the foods are worth-eating, eye candy, and palatable. 

Please always remember to be careful when using this kind of service online. Always check the details if correct, use your mobile phone wisely, and avoid foods with low user ratings. Don’t forget to collect coupons for free and discounted online food delivery in Japan. 

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