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In Japan, there is a fantastic and tech-savvy mobile network called Rakuten Hand 5G. It’s like a shining example of innovation and excellent connection, inviting people from other countries to enjoy the amazing benefits of 5G technology.

5G is the newest and most advanced generation of mobile networks, and it’s a huge step into the future, giving us incredible capabilities and making sure we’re always connected smoothly.

This article will show you the top reasons why foreigners in Japan should choose the Rakuten Hand 5G. It’s super fast, with lightning-speed internet, and it has lots of cool features and a great design. This cutting-edge smartphone opens up exciting new possibilities, whether you’re wandering around busy Tokyo streets or diving into Japan’s fascinating culture.

So, if you want to experience Japan like never before, give the Rakuten Hand 5G a try and let the power of 5G amaze you!

What is 5G?

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5G is the newest and fifth generation of mobile network technology, building on the progress of older networks like 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. It’s a significant improvement in terms of what it can do compared to the older ones.

The goal of 5G is to revolutionize mobile connectivity by providing much faster data speeds, lower delays, more capacity, and better reliability. It doesn’t just connect people; it can also link up different devices, objects, and machines, making the Internet of Things (IoT) work seamlessly.

The great features of 5G can transform industries like healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and entertainment. Thanks to its fast and reliable connections, 5G can support things like augmented reality, virtual reality, self-driving cars, remote surgeries, smart cities, and much more.

By connecting almost everything together, 5G creates endless possibilities for new and exciting services and applications that can make our daily lives better and drive future technological advancements. As 5G networks continue to spread worldwide, we’ll see lots of innovative technologies and services that take advantage of this new generation of mobile networks.

Top Reason Why You Should Buy Rakuten Hand 5G in Japan?

Are you ready to explore the top reason why the Rakuten Hand 5G is a must-have smartphone in Japan? Let’s dig into the following top 6 reasons:

1. High-Speed Network

This phone comes with awesome 5G technology that brings lots of improvements to your phone’s internet connection:

  1. Faster Speeds: You can download and upload things much quicker than before.
  2. Less Waiting: There’s less time wasted on loading or buffering.
  3. Stable Connection: Your connection stays strong and reliable even in busy places.

This means your smartphone experience gets a big boost, opening the door to exciting new apps and services that use the power of 5G.

You’ll enjoy smoother video streaming, super-fast app downloads, and speedy data transfers. So, if you want a phone that keeps up with your busy digital life and takes advantage of the latest in mobile networks, the Rakuten Hand 5G is a great choice!

2. Innovative Technology

The Rakuten Hand 5G has some really cool technologies that make it better and more convenient for users:

AI-Powered Camera

The camera is super smart and uses artificial intelligence to automatically choose the right settings for your photos. It even has features like “Blur Background Mode” and “Beauty Mode” to make your pictures look professional without much effort.

Night View Mode

This special mode lets you take bright and beautiful photos even in dark places. It uses clever algorithms to make sure your pictures always look great, no matter how dark it is.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

The phone has an HDR function that helps in situations where the lighting is tricky. It keeps colors natural and balanced, even when there are very bright and very dark parts in the same picture.

Facial Recognition

You can unlock your phone and access your sensitive stuff with facial recognition. It recognizes your unique face using clever algorithms, making it both secure and easy to use.

Display Fingerprint Authentication

This cool feature lets you unlock your phone just by touching the screen with your finger. It’s extra secure and super quick to use.

With these awesome technologies, the Rakuten Hand 5G makes taking photos and using your phone a lot more fun and convenient!

3. Superior Quality and Design

Rakuten Hand 5G phones are well-known for their excellent quality, proudly made in Japan. Japan is famous for its careful attention to detail and commitment to creating top-notch products, and the Rakuten Hand 5G is a perfect example of this.

When you hold a Rakuten Hand 5G in your hand, you can feel the difference – it’s solid and reliable, showing off its sophisticated design.

As a foreigner in Japan, choosing the Rakuten Hand 5G not only gives you the latest mobile technology but also lets you appreciate the legacy of Japanese craftsmanship. It’s like holding a piece of Japan’s pride and excellence in your hands!

Check out the following details of Rakuten Hand 5g.

Rakuten Hand 5G Display Specifications

Waterproofness & dust-resistanceIP68
Dimensions138.00 x 63.00 x 9.50 mm
Weight134.00 g
Display Color16M OLED
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Resolution720 x 1520 pixels
Display Size5.10 inches
Pixel Density330 pixels per inches
Screen-to-Body RatioApproximately 74.7%
Display protectionnone

OLED displays are known for their vibrant colors, high contrast ratios, and energy efficiency. With a pixel density of 330 PPI, the display provides sharp and clear visuals for a pleasant viewing experience. The 60 Hz refresh rate ensures smooth and responsive interactions with the device’s user interface.

The 720 x 1520 pixel resolution results in 5.10-inch screen size, striking a balance between compactness and usability. The screen-to-body ratio of approximately 74.7% indicates that a significant portion of the front of the device is occupied by the display, providing an immersive visual experience.

Slim Design

The Rakuten Hand 5G is famous for its slim design, and that’s one of the main reasons people love it. It’s actually the slimmest 5G smartphone you can find in Japan!

It’s about 138 x 63 x 9.5 mm in size and weighs around 134g, making it super compact and lightweight. You can easily hold it in your hand or put it in your pocket without any trouble.

The slim design isn’t just about looks; it also makes using the phone a lot more comfortable. It fits nicely in your hand and feels smooth when you hold it, even during long periods of use.

So, if you want a sleek and user-friendly phone, get Rakuten Hand 5G now!

Rakuten Hand 5G Camera | FAIR Inc

High-Quality Camera

The Rakuten Hand 5G is equipped with a high-quality camera system, providing users with versatile photography capabilities. Here are the details of the two cameras on the smartphone:

Rakuten Hand 5G Camera Specifications
First Camera
Camera Type:Standard
Photo Sensor Model:64 MP (Megapixels)
Digital Zoom:5x
Video Resolution:1920×1080 pixels
Video Formats:H.264, H.265, MPEG4 – 30 fps
Additional Features:Auto Focus (AF), f/1.8 aperture
Second Camera
Camera Type:Depth of Field
Photo Sensor Model:2 MP (Megapixels)
Digital Zoom:Not specified
Additional Features:Fixed Focus (FF)

When it comes to the cameras on the Rakuten Hand 5G, there are two of them with different roles:

  1. The first camera, which is the main camera, is for regular photography. It has a 64 MP sensor, so it takes high-quality pictures, and it can do some zooming up to 5 times. It also has a bright LED flash to help you take well-lit photos, even when it’s dark. Plus, it can record Full HD videos at 30 frames per second, and it supports various video formats for different types of videos.

  2. The second camera is a 2 MP depth sensor. Its job is to help create portrait shots where the background is blurred, making the subject stand out.

Together, these two cameras make it possible for users to take clear, detailed photos with cool depth-of-field effects. This means photography with the Rakuten Hand 5G is a lot of fun and produces attractive pictures!

4. Rakuten Hand 5G Affordability

Rakuten Hand affordable | FAIR Inc

The Rakuten Hand 5G is an attractive option for people who want a powerful and feature-packed smartphone without spending too much money. It’s affordable, considering all the high-end features it offers, making it a great deal for those looking for a 5G smartphone with advanced technology and a good camera.

Rakuten, being a technology company, may use smart pricing and business strategies to make their products accessible to a wider audience. By offering the Rakuten Hand 5G at a competitive price, they can get more customers and become popular in the smartphone market, especially in Japan where 5G is becoming more popular.

The best part is that this affordable phone still gives you all the benefits of the latest technology, like faster internet speeds, better network reliability, and cool camera features, without the high cost you might expect from top-of-the-line smartphones. It’s perfect for people who want great value for their money without sacrificing performance and features.

So, whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just want to upgrade your old phone, the Rakuten Hand 5G gives you a chance to experience 5G and other amazing technologies without spending too much. It’s a win-win for both your budget and your phone experience!

5. Exceptional Battery Life

The Rakuten Hand 5G has a really great battery life that makes it an awesome phone to use. Its powerful lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2630 mAh lets you use the phone for a long time without running out of power. You can rely on it for various tasks throughout the day without worrying about recharging frequently.

Whether you’re making calls or just keeping the phone on standby, it can stay operational for a long time on both 3G and 4G networks.

So, you can use your phone all day without constantly needing to recharge it. That’s super convenient and makes the Rakuten Hand 5G a reliable choice for users who need their phones to last throughout the day!

  • Talk Time (Max.):
  • 3G: 1090 minutes (approximately 18.2 hours)
  • 4G: 1596 minutes (approximately 26.6 hours)
  • Stand-by Time (Max.):
  • 3G: 399 hours (approximately 16.6 days)
  • 4G: 343 hours (approximately 14.3 days)

The secret behind its great battery life is the combination of powerful hardware, energy-saving parts, and optimized software.

All these things work together to make sure the Rakuten Hand 5G stays reliable throughout the day, even if you’re always on the go and using your phone a lot.

So, you can trust this phone to keep up with your busy lifestyle without having to worry about charging it all the time. It’s a reliable companion that won’t let you down!

6. Convenient Features of Rakuten Hand 5G

Rakuten Hand (Convenient Features) | FAIR Inc

The Rakuten Hand 5G has some really cool features that make life easier and more convenient:

Osaifu-Keitai Compatibility

Osaifu-Keitai is a mobile wallet technology used in Japan. With the Rakuten Hand 5G, you can use it to make contactless payments, store electronic tickets, and access various services easily using your phone.

FeliCa Function

FeliCa is another contactless smart card technology in Japan, used for things like public transportation and electronic money. The Rakuten Hand 5G supports FeliCa, so you can use your phone for smooth interactions with FeliCa-based services.

Barcode Reader

This phone has a built-in barcode reader that comes in handy when shopping on Rakuten Ichiba, an online marketplace. You can just scan the barcodes of products using the camera, quickly find the lowest price on Rakuten Ichiba, and even buy things at discounted prices.

Single Sign-On

The Rakuten Hand 5G offers a single sign-on feature that makes it easy to log in to the My Rakuten mobile app during setup. Once you’re logged in, you can use this single sign-on to access different Rakuten service apps with just one tap, saving time and effort.

These awesome features make the Rakuten Hand 5G a user-friendly and practical choice for smartphone users. It makes everyday tasks more efficient and seamless, making your life easier and more enjoyable.



In summary, the Rakuten Hand 5G is not just an ordinary smartphone. It’s like a gateway that opens up the incredible world of 5G technology, bringing together innovation and convenience. When you enter Japan’s exciting and tech-savvy world, this amazing device becomes your perfect companion, giving you so many reasons to choose it.

The best part is that the Rakuten Hand 5G is affordable, so many people can get it without spending too much money. You get all the benefits of a 5G smartphone without compromising on its performance and features. It’s a smart choice for joining the 5G revolution without breaking the bank.

So, get ready to experience the power of 5G, explore all the cool new things it offers, and stay connected like never before with the Rakuten Hand 5G. This fantastic smartphone will elevate your adventure in Japan to a whole new level. You can capture amazing memories, stay connected, and enjoy everything Japan has to offer. The future is right here, and it’s all in your hands with the Rakuten Hand 5G.

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